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  1. Altis Life Changelog

    Officially Closed @ 5:00 PM GMT 29/12/2017 Thank you for all the support we received with this project. Our source code maybe released within the coming weeks depending on how the team feels.
  2. Website Changelog

    Web Update 4 Updated: Footer (Image was moved from centre to the left hand side with useful links to the right of it)
  3. Altis Life Changelog

    Altis Life V1.1.4.5 16/12/17 10PM Unscheduled Restart Added: Task Force Radio Mod Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1233858721
  4. Respawn Times

  5. Altis Life Changelog

    Altis Life V1.1.4.4 16/12/17 4PM Restart Added: Network Support for Anti-Meta Naming System Changed: Respawn when no medics are online is 30 seconds Changed: Respawn when medics are online is 2 minutes 30 seconds Changed: Medics are auto requested on death if they are online Fixed: Tazer Mags (Wrong Mag)
  6. Taxi

    I can see how this may work. May add this with a future job based update.
  7. mechanic

    Due to the ability for players to repair their vehicles without tool kits I don't see how this would work.
  8. Truck delivery missions

    Delivery missions are already a thing. They will get getting a bit of a boost in the future but the idea of having vehicles being driven that are not owned does not really work.
  9. Respawn Times

    Changes Being Made: Respawn time without Medic = 30 seconds Respawn time with Medic = 2 Minutes 30 Seconds Respawn time if medic = 5 seconds If a medic is online when you die it will automatically request medic however you are still able to do it yourself. Post is being left open and unmoved to allow further feedback.
  10. Snow :3

  11. NCU Shop

    All police specialisations will be getting over halls SoonTM
  12. Altis Life Changelog

    Altis Life V1. 08/12/17 8PM Restart Changed: Name Tags are now aligned to centre (Gangs are now marked with < and > either side) Fixed: Legality of Items (Unprocessed versions of drugs would not give the officer a reward for finding them) Fixed: Prison Send Points (Kavala, Athira, Pygros)
  13. Website Changelog

    Web Update 3 Added: Darker backgrounds to the rules page to contrast the words better.
  14. Altis Life Changelog

    Altis Life V1. 04/12/17 Emergancy Restart Rebalanced: Christmas Loot Boxes
  15. Altis Life Changelog

    Altis Life V1.1.4.3 Christmas Update 04/12/17 8 PM Restart Added: Common Present Item Added: Rare Present Item Added: Chance to get Rare and Common Christmas presents while gathering. Added: Using a present gives you a random reward. Removed: Default rules from map briefing