New Years Update | 01/01/18 Weekly Update - 01/01/2018

Hello everybody!

First things first, I would like to take this chance to apologise for the inactivity we have shown over the Christmas period. There have been a few reasons for this with the biggest being family related. Anyway, without further adieu lets get into this special update. We have a few topics to cover with limited news on the game side of things and the unfortunate closure of our Altis Life server. The first topic I'll get covered is the Altis Life server and our reasoning behind closing it but before I go over that I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support with the Altis Life server and giving us the chance to show you what we are capable off. For those that are interested the reasoning for this closure was due to the servers low player count and overall interest shown.

The second topic of this update will cover the project we gave extremely limited details on. We have no re-named the project to Sci-fi Experiment which is only to act as a working name until we are certain of what we want the game to offer. I can now confirm with the project that it will contain a campaign but will primarily focus on it's multiplayer and group player components to allow you and your friends to have a blast! Below I have made a little list of features / things we hope to have upon release I would to to announce to get feedback on through things like Discord. (Do keep in mind these features may not make it to the game upon release)

I am hoping to allow users to try out parts of the game as we reach certain milestones however this will not be for some time as we only have basic multiplayer systems and game play is at this time still extremely basic.

That is all for this update and I would like to again apologise for not making an update before now.

From me and the team, Happy New Year!