Weekly Update | 02/12/17 Weekly Update - 02/12/2017

Hello all,

Welcome to our first weekly update! These articles will be used to communicate the weeks progress with a few fun little segments planned such as the staff pick for best player on our Altis Life server. It's been an extincting first week for our team. We have made excellent progress with all of our projects with the most being made on our Altis Life server. We decided to reuse our LifePLUS framework from the last time we hosted a server as it was a robust and very advanced framework to work from. This had the advantage of allowing us to go from next to no development being completed to having a full mission file completed within a week. We have also made a large amount of progress with the website going from having a few pages with the most functionality existing with the articles to having forums and full account support. If you find any issues on the website please do report it using the forums as we are always looking to improve the user experience.

So, what are we looking to do going forward? Well we have a lot of ideas and very creative minds within our team that are looking to explore all sorts of games and game modes with a few modification ideas for ArmA 3 being thrown around. We are also looking towards a few other ideas that I can't wait to share but at this time have to keep my mouth shut as not to build hype or anything for a project we may never even release.

Anyway, That's all for our first weekly update as we have not really got anything new to share from the development scene past what I have already told you. If you want to get involved with FreeFlight and our servers you can join Teamspeak or Discord using the links below!

Thanks for reading!