Website Launch Annoucement - 07/11/2017

Hello everybody!

After a month of silence from our social media I am happy to annouce FreeFlight's future to everyone. Many things have changed since we last made an update on our activities from our website all the way to our discord and I am going to take this time to go through all changes made from the admininstration to general public offerings from FreeFlight that I am able to talk about at this current time.

The first and probably biggest change made to FreeFlight Interactive is what we are now working towards offering you, the player. If you have been here before you will know we offered servers on ArmA 3, primarily Altis Life with a Milsim in the background. This has now changed and all our ArmA 3 servers have been shut down as we move towards our new goal, game development. If you have read the about page before reading this you will already be aware that we are working on a game that is currently being worked on under the code name, Project TTT and that is all I am able to tell you at this moment in time but will be sure to make updates weekly covering anything new that comes up.

The next change is to our Discord server. If you were on it before and have noticed that it has disappeared that is because we have moved to a new server for a few reason I will explain here. The first is because we wanted this to be seen as a fresh start to FreeFlight and so wanted a fresh new server to symbolise this, the second reason is because of the roles being setup in a way that would have been time confusing to fix with the amount of role we had present on the server. if you wish to join the server use the button below!

Now, onto the title of this article, the new website! Well not 100% new but redesigned a bit to make it more appealing to the eye and just overall better for the projects we have in mind going forward. Keep in mind when using the website that it is not, as of this article, complete. Most changes were quite small and were made to the design and layout of some pages to make them look better, there are also changes to the backend on how we handle things like articles, accounts and other similar features that require database connectivity.The main change made to the website is the removal of our forums. This was a change we made as we felt it was not required for us to have at this moment in time however I can say the chances of it returning are very high just maybe not in the same format as before. If you want to see the differences between the old website and the new we made a save of the old one on Web Archive before updating you can view it using the button below!
Web Archive (Homepage Only)

That is all I have for you at this moment in time. If you wish to get involved with the development of FreeFlight feel free to join Discord and send me a message. You could also go to the recuirement page if you believe you could lend a hand, if you can do something we don't have a role currently advertised on the website private message me on Discord and I'll see what I can do. If you have any further questions feal free to ask them on Discord using the link above.

Thanks for reading.