Weekly Update | 16/12/17 Weekly Update - 16/12/2017

Hello everyone,

This weekly update will cover only one or two topics due to very limited development happening over the past week and one massive disappointment for the team that has worked so far to bring our Altis Life server to life. The first topic I will cover is the Altis Life server. It has seen a massive drop in players over the last week and so today we conducted a poll to see if people were actually interested in the server remaining open. The results showed us that they do indeed want the server but had two major issues with the server. The two issues were: Low Player Count and No Mods. We have since preformed another poll to verify the community want mods and that has seen a massive amount of people saying yes. Due to this the team has paused all other projects to get basic mods onto the server like Task Force Radio, more information on that will be posted on the changelog within the following days. That is all I have for the life server now onto the next and final part of this weeks news, Milsim!

Yes, thats right, we will now be opening a Milsim. At this time we have done one operation and are planning to do more. The operation time is at 8:00 PM GMT on Saturday every week. Below you can read the official description written by Lewis Mackinnon

The 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment is a European ArmA 3 Military Simulation Unit based around the real world British 1 PARA, a UK British Special Forces Support Group. We strive to give each and every one of our members an enjoyable and entertaining time while also a fair and balanced one. We consider ourselves to be a mature Military Simulation Unit that has vastly experienced members both in our command team and not.Our unit has been established in December 2017. However, before that, many of our current command staff and normal members, have been playing together since early 2013. Asides from that our entire unit operate using a Chain of Command and set Ranking Structure very similar to the real world 1 PARA. This allows us to give our members an enjoyable time, while also making them feel equal in terms of opportunity. This also makes it a great deal easier for both our command staff and our mission development team to keep our operations running smoothly. Our set Ranking Structure also permits our members to both qualify and train for specialist roles within our troop. Furthermore, we use a highly modified version of ArmA 3 with the intention of making our operations more realistic and give them an, overall, different feeling to others. Our overall unit is designed to connect genuine gamers simply looking to have a good time playing games together and interacting together. Furthermore, on that, some of our current members have the first-hand experience in terms of military operations and procedures.Our Code of Conduct is something we feel defines us compared to the rest of the PC Gaming Community. Finishing off with this, yes, we do hold mandatory operations weekly. However, on that note, we do understand that our members do have lives... Not everyone will be able to attempt every event. Therefore, we are understanding when it comes to not being able to attend these operations.

If you are interested in joining please ask Lewis Mackinnon on Teamspeak, you can join using the link below.

Now, I am aware that was a sort weekly update but don't have anything else to share and as I am already a day late I didn't have much time to write this article either. Anyway, thats all I have for this week. Thanks for reading!