Weekly Update | 08/12/17 Weekly Update - 08/12/2017

Hello everyone!

Welcome back for another weekly update. We don't have that much to update everyone on this week I do however have a few things to go over so lets get started! The first topic I want to go over is the Altis Life server as it has now been over a week since it's initial release and has it been an exciting week. We have seen a few new faces around the community since the launch and received a nice hand full of applications with our emergency service factions.

First Week Statistics:

Now we have gone over the amazing first week the Altis Life server has experienced lets move onto talking about what we are planning, well at least talk about what we are planning that I am able to tell the public at this point. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt as the project I am about is discuss has not made it past very basic planning phases but is looking that promising that I can't help but tell you guys something about it. The current in-house name being used for this project is It. Yes, I am not lieing to you we have just refereed to it as It. It is currently planed to be a Sci-Fi shooter with a very focus on being fun to play with friends as well as competitive. There is also some talk of a mini campaign but that, at this time, seems unlikely. Anyway before I reveal anymore than I really should at this time lets move onto the Roleplay award for this week!

The roleplay award is an award given to a member of the community that has been separated from the rest due to the excellent roleplaying ability. In the future these players will review an achievement in-game and a special Teamspeak and Discord tag but at this time only offer the privilege of being mentioned in a weekly update. Anyway without further ado this weeks winner is.... Caz.William! He has displayed amazing roleplay ability while operating as an officer on the server and overall has surprised me. I hope everyone congratulates him on his win through the forums or on our Teamspeak / Discord.

Anyway, that is all for this week.
Thanks for reading!